Places around Darjeeling

Tonglu Trekkers Hut

Known as the “Trekker’s Wonderland,” Sandakphu stands as the highest peak in the state of West Bengal, offering an unparalleled panoramic view of the world’s highest peaks, including the Kanchenjunga Massif and the majestic Mount Everest.

This trek, a favorite among nature enthusiasts and avid hikers, takes you through charming villages, dense rhododendron forests, and alpine meadows, providing a thrilling journey of discovery and natural beauty.

Indulge in a sensory retreat amidst the rolling hills and lush landscapes of Darjeeling with a stay in a charming tea garden. 


Renowned globally for its exquisite tea, Darjeeling invites you to immerse yourself in the heart of the tea-making process by choosing accommodation within one of its picturesque tea estates. A stay in a Darjeeling tea garden is not merely lodging; it is an intimate experience where the fragrance of freshly plucked tea leaves mingles with the crisp mountain air.


The accommodations within these tea gardens often reflect the colonial charm of Darjeeling, with quaint cottages or bungalows that seamlessly blend into the natural beauty of the surroundings. Whether you’re a tea connoisseur or a nature lover seeking tranquility, a stay in a Darjeeling tea garden promises a unique and immersive experience, combining the comfort of hospitality with the authenticity of the region’s rich tea heritage.

Nestled amidst the serene hills of the Eastern Himalayas, Latpanchar beckons avid birdwatchers to explore its rich avian diversity. This lesser-known gem is a haven for birding enthusiasts seeking a tranquil escape into nature.  The diverse range of altitudes, from subtropical to temperate, creates varied ecosystems, attracting a remarkable array of feathered inhabitants.

The journey through Latpanchar’s enchanting landscapes promises not only rare bird sightings but also an intimate connection with the untouched beauty of the Eastern Himalayas. Embark on a birding adventure in Latpanchar, where every step unveils a new winged wonder, creating memories that linger long after your visit.

Neora Valley National Park beckons birding enthusiasts to an enchanting realm of biodiversity. The national park is a haven for avian enthusiasts, offering a unique and immersive experience. 

The park is home to an impressive variety of avifauna, including vibrant pheasants, exotic sunbirds, rare eagles, and several rare and endangered species.