Birding in Neora Valley

Neora valley birding

Neora Valley National Park is a haven for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers. Nestled in the pristine Eastern Himalayas of India, the National Park stands as a testament to the incredible biodiversity that the region.


Neora Valley National Park is home to over 400 species of birds, including some of the most sought-after and rare species in India. The park’s diverse terrain, ranging from subtropical (approximately 183 meters) to alpine forests (over 3,200 meters high), provides a habitat for a wide variety of birds, from colourful pheasants and trogons to soaring eagles and vultures.

Some of the best birding spots in Neora Valley National Park:

Lava: This hill station is located on the edge of the park and is a great base for birding excursions.

Kolakham: This village is located inside the park and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. It is also a good place to spot birds such as the Satyr Tragopan and Red-headed Trogon.

Suntalekhola: This village is located on the banks of the Suntalekhola River and is a good place to spot birds such as the Crested Serpent-Eagle and Mountain Hawk-Eagle.

Our Birding Tours to Neora Valley

Here is a typical itinerary for birding in the area based in Lava. The itinerary is indicative. All our itineraries for birding in the area is customised specifically to customer requirements.

Day 1: Arrival and Check into the hotel, second half visit the Kolakham area for birding assisted by our birding expert.

Day 2: Today visit the Chaudapheri and the surrounding area for a glimpse of some of the rare birds of the area. Return to Lava for lunch, second half visit Mairung village / Rishyap for more birding.

Day 3:  Early morning hike through the forest behind lava for birding. Return to hotel, early lunch and return.

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As you explore the park’s trails and pathways, you’ll encounter a kaleidoscope of birdlife, including but not limited to vibrant Himalayan monals, elusive pheasants, colourful sunbirds, and majestic eagles soaring high above. Some of the most popular birds to spot in Neora Valley include the Satyr Tragopan, Red-headed Trogon, Rufous-necked Hornbill, Crested Serpent-Eagle, and Mountain Hawk-Eagle. The park is also known for its population of the endangered Bengal Florican.


Birding in Neora Valley can be challenging, as the park is largely covered in dense forest. However, with the help of our knowledgeable and expert guide, visitors can greatly increase their chances of spotting some of the park’s amazing birdlife.