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Chatakpur Trek


There are multiple routes which can be taken to hike in this area. The typical duration of these hikes are between 2 to 4 hours. One may stay in Darjeeling and go for this treks as a day activity. 


Best time to visit

Except for the monsoon months of July to September, one can go for the trek any time. 

Chatakpur is a small sleepy village tucked away in one corner of Darjeeling hills. It has come into prominence in recent years for its serene beauty and a great view of the Kanchenjunga range. The forest village with about 20 households and around 90 villagers is part of the Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary and is situated at an altitude of about 7800 feet. Tourists come here to experience the superb Himalayan view, forest and wildlife. Apart from its scenic view Chatakpur also provides some fabulous treks through the dense Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary.


There are Multiple treks that are possible around Chatakpur. Please note that since all these treks are within the Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary area, the permission of the forest department is necessary. The forest department comes up with rules from time to time which may make some of the routes unviable for trek. Unguided treks without the forest department’s permission are illegal. We recommend you consult us about the latest rules before deciding on a trek to the Chatakpur area. Following treks are possible in the area.

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Bagora – Chatakpur Trail

This is a motorable route, although the road is in disrepair and very few vehicles ply the route. Except for the final stretch of about 2 km, most of the trek passes through routes with low inclination. Most of the time you will be walking through dense forests and wildlife sighting is not uncommon here.

Mungpoo – Chatakpur Trail

Mungpoo is a village in Darjeeling hills famous for its cinchona plantation, the village is also famous as the popular Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore stayed here on multiple occasions. Although Mungpoo and Chatakpur are geographically not very, there is no direct road connecting the two. However, a trek from Mungpoo through the forests may take just about 4 hours to reach Chatakpur. The trek starts at a place named Surel or Suirel, a little above Mungpoo. There was an old British Bungalow here where Tagore had stayed during his first visit to Mungpoo, the bungalow, however, had been destroyed. The trek ends near the Chatakpur village pond which the local villagers of Chatakpur consider sacred. This trek is through dense forest and is recommended for tourists interested in flora and fauna.

Tiger Hill – Chatakpur Trail

Tiger Hill is an uphill trek of approximately 8 kilometres which takes 4 hours one way through the dense Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary. The silence of the forests is broken only by the chirping of birds like blue Magpie, Rufous Sibia, Black Redstart, Verditer Flycatcher, Himalayan Bulbul, Pipit, Longtail Shrike, Warbler, Prinia and others. The forest is home to the barking deer, wild boar, Himalayan black bear,  Indian leopard, jungle cat, rhesus monkey, Assam macaque, Himalayan flying squirrel and Antelopes.

The trail culminates at Tiger Hill. The panoramic view of Kanchenjunga, mount Everest and many other snow-clad mountains will give you a heavenly feeling.